52-day streak: Why I’m stopping my daily blog

I’ve just crossed the magic 50-day mark, where a daily habit has established new neural pathways in the brain. I can’t not write, and it’s fantastic. It’s so ingrained that it doesn’t take any effort to do it. My brain has no objections, and writing doesn’t seem like a scary chore anymore.

I’ve certainly noticed an improvement in my writing. I pay attention to the craft of each sentence and edit in pursuit of clarity. Whereas before, I would let my brain idle, and be happy with what was volunteered by my fingers.

But, I feel this experiment of daily blogging has come to an end. There are several things that I’m not keen on:

  1. I’m not considerate or purposeful. I squeeze out a post at the very end of a day, so I end up writing something just for the sake of it.
  2. This means that I don’t have time to explore different viewpoints or go any deeper. I end up with obvious, shallow thoughts.
  3. The result is a scattergun of low-quality posts. There may be the odd one that got lucky and has something slightly profound or useful, but it’s starting to become a mountain of mediocrity.
  4. Why does this matter to me? I think long term, I want people to come to my blog for the few, high-quality posts I make. I want everything I publish to be worthy of existing in the public domain. I want to allow myself time to consider new ideas, not repurpose old ones.

But this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing daily, far from it. I’m going to turn this habit into journaling, which I’ve been dabbling with lately. It frees the shackles of writing to be read by others. I can let my deepest thoughts surface and work through them.

It also means that I give myself more time to construct an article with more than 10 minutes of thought. I owe it to myself to publish a quality I want to be known for.

Thanks for following along. The support I’ve had has been wonderful, and the connections I’ve made more so. I’m happy to see it’s inspired a few people to pick up the habit of writing too.