Writing is like catching a fly in a jar

Writing is an act of transmutation. It's pure magic to take an abstract, intangible thought, and turn it into a concrete slab you can point at. To use a non-magical analogy, it's a bit like catching a fly inside your mind. First, you notice it buzzing around. It's easy to ignore, but after a while, it becomes deafening. You've had enough, so you decide to get rid of it. Most try and swat it, or usher it out the window, but you want to see the fly up close. You spend the next hour trying to trap the fly in a glass jar. Finally, after you've become hot and bothered - the fly has a new home.

A fly in a jar

With the lid sealed, the jar acts as a display case - the fly being a thought or idea that is now much easier to share. The other reward for your fly-catching efforts is a quiet mind. Writing is hard work, but that makes it worth doing. It's not only a way to connect with others, but it's a form of therapy too. Plus, the more jars you have, the more ideas you can share, and the more your chances for serendipity grow.