Write what you’re scared to write about

When you write what you’re scared of writing, you confront your fears and understand them better. It’s a form of therapy; your deepest most inner thoughts out in the open. But what do you gain from being vulnerable in your writing?

When a performer is on stage, there is a lot at stake. Live music is captivating because of the risk of failure at any moment. We emotionally connect with someone when we can see what they stand to lose.

In my previous blog post, I opened up about my ego in design critique sessions. I was afraid to write about it because it meant revealing a lesser part of myself. However, it felt good to write about my ego. It helped me identify a catalyst that changed who I am. The writing benefited me, and hopefully, whoever reads it.

Writing what you’re scared about gives you myriad of topics. There’s a special filing cabinet in my head of things that make me feel uneasy. It's then just a case of picking one out and tackling it head on. Best of all, it’s easy to write about what you know. I was scared to write this because it meant admitting to myself that there are things I’m scared to write about. Now I feel much better :).