Why you struggle to start

Starting is hard.

What makes it harder is when you feel unqualified to start. Whether that's experience, a qualification, the right pen, or the perfect mood. The truth is, you have everything you need already.

The ladder you need to climb is right in front of you. All that's missing is your ability to move the first rung close enough, that starting is as easy as moving your foot an inch. But more importantly, the only way to keep momentum is to ensure the next rung follows just as close.

We think everyone else's ladder has big, bold steps - when, in fact, the big-stepped ladder belongs to those who haven't made a start.

What's the smallest next step you can take? Take it.

two ladders, The first has lots of steps close together, the second has only a few steps, far apart. The person climbing the first ladder is at the top. The person on the second ladder can't even reach the first rung.