Today is a special day

It marks the official launch of Product Club. A community to help product people change their team or org's culture to be more design-led.

Like a good product launch should be, nothing feels different. The community has been humming away in a steady rhythm since I launched the beta back in November. The only difference is, now the doors are open.

There is lots to learn when it comes to growing and nurturing a community. The most important thing to remember is that the value is the community itself - not any one person. Especially not me.

I was initially hesitant to start Product Club. But it felt like the most useful thing I could do to make Workshop Tactics more helpful for people. Learning is amplified with others. This umbrella brand's benefit means exploring other interests, such as storytelling, psychology, and creativity, too.

I plan to write more transparently about the ups and downs of this endeavour. Not only will it help me work through things, as writing famously does - but it might help others who are doing the same.

I am not forgetting that the other half of Product Club is starting to resemble a publishing business! I'll have to write about that too, I suppose. There are some really exciting things I want to share.

Nothing profound today. I am just sharing a weight off my shoulders. I've shipped something I'm proud of, and it's only the beginning - as it always is with an exciting journey.