The Before Times

In a lot of ways, the pandemic and lockdown have been a positive time for me. I started a business. I had a baby. I started writing. But, to be frank, this isolated existence is beginning to wear on me. There's a lot that I miss.

I miss going to the pub, getting slightly pissed, and passionately chatting shit about nothing important.

I miss going out for food in the market with Dave.

I miss sitting in boring meetings that take up all afternoon.

I miss reading on the train to ignore people I recognise.

I miss walking through the city and watching it slowly evolve over the months and seasons.

I miss getting rained on.

I miss caring about how presentable I look.

I miss not hating people that are near me.

I miss going to gigs where I detest how sweaty, loud and crowded it is, and being glad to have come home.

I miss coming home to see my wife after a long day.

I miss the certainty, safety and comfort of the before times.

I miss my friends.