My simple business strategy

How can I be more useful for my customers? That’s the question I ask myself. Everything else is a distraction. Sales, growth, profit. They’re all important - but they are a result of the work, not the work itself. If you prioritise any one of these results, you always leave out the most important thing. Your customers.

My theory is this: the more useful I make Workshop Tactics to people, the more they value it. Thus the more likely they are to tell other people. The result? More sales, more growth, and a healthy, sustainable profit.

This mode of thought makes deciding what to work on easier. Is running an advertisement campaign going to help my existing customers? No. Is finding ways to increase my profit margin going to help my existing customers? No. What about speaking to my customers to find out how I can be useful to them? Yes! This is my mantra. Be useful to your customers. The rest will fall into place.

Here are two great articles on the subject of being useful by Derek Sivers. “How to be useful to others” and “The philosophy of great customer service