For god’s sake, write it down!

I had a lot of interesting conversations today.

There were moments where a novel idea struck, or a new connection was made. After blogging daily for a while now, the instinct that follows is “I should write about that”. But what happens? I forget about it. And when it comes to the spare moment I have to sit and write today’s blog, I blank. I don’t blank completely though. Instead, I painfully remember the feeling of discovering new ideas earlier in the day, and revel in the frustration that they're completely lost.

The same problem happens when falling asleep, a time when the best ideas seem to reveal themselves. I’m too tired to make a note, and Siri can’t understand my tired mumbling well enough to help either. So I think hard about the idea, hoping it’ll imprint enough into my mind that it’ll be there in the morning. Obviously, it never is.

I once remember hearing that the great classical composers would take advantage of this mystical-abundance-of-ideas-whilst-nodding-off zone. They would start dozing off and wake themselves up just enough to jot down the next musical phrase and repeat until the early hours - where they could fight sleep no longer.

So what better to write about, than forgetting what to write about?

This is a reminder to myself: for god's sake, write it down!

Not only that, but take your time. There’s nothing worse than a note that means nothing on second glance.