Fear the fear of missing out

It's like a gravitational pull. How can you not get involved?

When you see scores of people running after something, you are compelled to join them. And when you do, what do you find? Sometimes something special, sometimes something miserable. But that's what draws you in. The Slot Machine of What If? As always, you follow along - except this time you wish you hadn't. But your brain can't let you be okay with not knowing. The story pulls you in. You want to be in with the action. You must know what happens next even if it costs you your sanity.

Next time you feel the fear of missing out, feel fear for fear itself. Turn it into joy. Be glad not to turn up. Be happy to not be in the bustle. Go for a walk. Stare at the sky. Play with your child or pet. Enjoy not knowing, because ignorance truly is bliss.