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Product designer. Entrepreneur. Practicing Stoic. Dad.

Hey, welcome to my little slice of the internet. My name is Charles and I am a designer. I'm trying to get better at all the things design entails, such as writing, marketing and business building. This small corner of the internet is my way of documenting what I learn and what I notice along the way. This is what I'm working on now, and projects I've worked on in the past.

Previously, I cut my teeth as a UX Designer at Code Computerlove for a few years. After that I did a year's stint at the BBC as a Senior UX Designer working on something that got me through school: BBC Bitesize. Then I went freelance and have contracted at the Co-op Bank and Co-op Food.

Throughout this career climbing and professional development, I have realised one thing: trading my time for money is something I desperately want, and need to move away from. The more money I earned, the less motivated I became.

One thing is certain, I love to build products. I love to spend an inordinate amount of time on something to make it as good as possible. Owning it at the end of the day makes it all the more sweeter.
That's what this blog is about. To build something I own, figure out how to get paid for it and live to tell the story. A huge recent influence was Naval Ravikant's infamous tweet: "Wealth is assets that earn while you sleep"

That is what led me to start building Workshop Tactics. It's my playground for learning the ins and outs of marketing, writing and entrepreneurship. It feels liberating to put my product design skills to use, for myself. I'm excited to see what I start up next.

Side projects


  • Smart Gap, an in-house app for the Co-op to digitise the stock check process. Saving millions in time and paper.
  • Pay in Aisle, an app for the Co-op that enables you to scan and pay for your items on your phone.

Past work


Updated October 30th, 2020.