A checklist for compelling, shareable content

No one cares about your content. Here's a how to make them care.

  1. Use a hook in your title or die. Create a curiosity gap by leaving something out. You've got one line of text to grab someone. Don't waste it.
  2. Be evocative. If your title doesn't shit someone up a bit. It's a shit title. Work backwards from "I disagree" or "How?".
  3. Focus on one single, simple idea. If the idea is too complex, break it down and find the concept underneath. People will only remember one thing.
  4. Don't be boring. The idea must be unexpected, counterintuitive or novel. Aim for awe.
  5. Be concrete. Evoke vivid mental imagery. Use metaphors and analogies. We remember things better when we can imagine them happening.
  6. Wherever you can, tell a story. Keep the hook going until the very end. An author's job is to make you turn the page. The same is true for your content. We live and breathe stories. It's how we're wired to store, send and receive information.
  7. Be as short as possible, and as long as necessary. Every word is optional until proven essential. Clear content means your idea has the best chance to be understood and shared. It's also considerate to not waste your audience's time.