10 things I love about my son

  1. Every word you say at the moment is (or sounds like) “Dad”, or a variant thereof. Greatest hits include “Bad dad.” “Dead dad” “Dad DAD” and “DAaAad!”
  2. Your fascination and persistence with grabbing the strings of my guitar. But also your session-musician quality syncopated drumming and backing vocals.
  3. Your beautiful eyes that your mother gave you.
  4. How passionately you hate going to sleep.
  5. Your cheeky grin when you’re awake and you know you shouldn’t be.
  6. How you bury your tired head over and over as you fight The Sleep. I love how you always end up losing.
  7. Your smiles and laughs. Ranging from a gentle grunt, to an all-out cackle that only your Mum can conjure from head banging wildly in your face.
  8. How I miss you even if it’s only been an hour.
  9. The way you pay such close attention to a story book, that you forget to fight The Sleep.
  10. Your love of lamps, light fittings and curtains. And how everyone single one must be pointed at, remarked upon with “Dad”, switched on and off, or caressed before you can reasonably move on with your day.